Our Story

In 2014, I started out with a small vendor booth at my local farmer’s market. While my operation had a small budget, I knew that marketing was an area where I needed to focus some time and money in order to grow. After paying for product, booth fees, insurance, and tents, there wasn’t a huge margin to allow for marketing. While I had a background in building websites and Photoshop design, I started educating myself on “grass roots” marketing.  I quickly learned that the best approach to marketing is consistency…and the best approach to consistency is branding.

Once my website was complete, I started booking festivals and events without having to search for them. People were actually contacting me! I made sure my banners, signage, website, and social media all matched.  I started getting recognized at events from my social media posts and ad campaigns simply based on my branding.

I made sure my branding wasn’t “store bought”, meaning I didn’t use the same point and click websites to design or purchase my banners. I wanted mine to be unique.  Local vendors started noticing and asked me to help them out as well, which I was happy to do. That eventually lead me to build this website to assistant others beyond my community.

As I stated above, I understand the costs of running an event vending business.  My goal for our services here is to provide an individualized, yet economical approach to branding your vending business.

Ready to get your website and branding plan together? Let’s get started!

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